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Our Services

Pumping Services

  •  Septic system pumping
  •  Grease trap pumping
  •  Pumping of all kinds
  •  Septic system Compliance Inspection

Our large capacity trucks carry over 120 feet of hose…

We are known for the hauling capacity of our vacuum trucks. We carry over 120 feet of hose on our trucks enabling us to reach most septic tanks from the customer’s driveway, something  that many of our competitors cannot accomplish


What can we expect when we have our septic tank cleaned? 

  • After setting up an appointment to have your tank pumped, LaRoche’s will dispatch clean, friendly technicians to your home.
  • Your tank (s) will be located and the maintenance access will be probed for. Generally it is within 6-12” of the surface.
  • Once the access is found, we will carefully dig to the access, remove the cover and clean your tank. Cleaning thru the maintenance access allows us to see into your tank and check the condition of the tank as well as ensure all waste is removed. While a tank and be pumped thru the 4” PVC pipe often seen above tanks, the technicians is unable to see into the tank and is not able to move the hose around to reach all areas of the tank.
  • The technician then carefully fills in the dug area, making it almost impossible to tell the service was performed.

How long will it take for my septic tank to become full again?

  • Your septic tank is always full, it is just a matter of what it is more full of. Immediately after your tank is cleaned, it will take about 4-7 days to fill the tank to capacity again. It is then full mainly of wastewater and a few solids. As time progresses, the tank becomes more full of solids.
  • The purpose of pumping your septic tank is to remove the solids before they flow out to your soil treatment area and seal it off.

Sewer & Drain Services

* Main Sewer Lines between house and City Sewer or Septic tanks

* Kitchen sink drains

* Bathroom sinks

* Floor drains

* Plugged toilets and urinals

* Jetting (high pressure water cleaning) to remove roots, grease, sludge and ice

* Thawing of frozen sewer lines

* Sewer Camera and Locator

* Visual Sewer line inspection

* Septic system Compliance Inspection

Another unique service we offer in this area are Sewer Line Camera and Sewer Line Locator. Please call or e-mail us if you are interested in this service.

State of the art, well-maintained equipment is the standard at LaRoche’s. We specialize in cleaning all types of drain lines. 

Installation Services 

* Septic system Design and Installation

* Perc Test and lot evaluation

* Septic system Compliance Inspection

Whether it is a new septic system installation or a repair /upgrade of an existing system  – no need to worry about the service LaRoche’s provides. We use the finest equipment, and work in a timely fashion- so your home life is not disrupted for days on end.